Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome to Woods I

Welcome to Mr. Loonam's Wood Technology Blog!

This is the link or blog to Mr. Loonam's wood technology course at Kingswood Regional High school.   Wood Technology is a woodworking program which gives students a basic understanding of the materials and processes used in the woodworking field.  From bird houses to dog houses,
students in this class learn all the basics and some eye-opening techniques in the fun hobby of woodworking.  Wood Technology is also a stepping stone for students who wish to go on to Construction Trades in the Technology Center.

Mr. Loonam is also the advisor for the TSA (Technology Student Association) chapter at Kingswood.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Choose a piece of furniture in your house that you would like to build someday.
Examples would be:
           End table
                  Bedside table
                          Coffee table / game table
                                                    Pet furniture

Using a ruler or tape measure, make a working drawing of the project.
A working drawing will show the front view, top view, and the right side view of the item.

Once drawn, add the measurements to the drawing.  Make sure to include ALL components!  Top, legs, apron, whatever your piece has.  Make a bill of materials as you write down the measurements.

NOW, figure how many BOARD FEET of wood you have in the project.  Using the following formula:
              T  x  W  x  L = ____   ÷ 144  =  ____ board feet.
Where T is thickness,      W is width,     and L is the length in inches.
(any wood thickness less than 1" is considered 1")

EXAMPLE:   A table top is 3/4" thick 18" wide and 24" long.

1 x 18 x 24 = 432    ÷  144  =    3 bd. ft.

PLEASE, bring in your completed drawing the day after the snow day.  It must be brought in to class to receive credit for this assignment!  Failure to do so, will result in a '0' in the grade book.